Fundraising Program
Every day Emergency Services Agencies and their personnel worldwide are being asked to perform better, more often, and with tighter budgets and fewer resources.

Being mindful of this reality, 911 Unity has created a Fundraising Program to assist local Emergency Service Agencies in making their community fundraising a success and assisting them in raising money to buy equipment, improve training or whatever they deem necessary.

To make fundraising as easy as possible 911 Unity has created 3 turn-key Fundrasing Kits that can be purchased by agencies or their supporting charitable groups at a significant discount.

100% of the proceeds from sales are collected by, and go directly to, the agencies/organizations themselves (excluding jewelry orders, 10% of which is donated back).

1-2-3 Turn-Key Fundraising Kits
·Direct to Member Unity Jewelry Sales
Resell our Rings & Pendants to your active or retired members and receive a 10% donation for each sale made.

Not only does the Fundraiser receive a donation for every jewelry sale, we also donate $1 to a National Beneficiary and $1 each to 2 State/Provincial Beneficiaries (1 professional association and 1 educational institute).

·Honor our Fallen™ Sales
911 Unity produces a number of items under the Honor our Fallen™ brand, including:

Honor our Fallen™ Memorial Pins, which come with retail sales cards, and sell for a $5 cash donation.

Honor our Fallen™ Memorial Candles in creamy French Vanilla that are 24oz., burn for 100-125 hours and sell for a $30 cash donation.

Items are sold directly to Agencies and Associations in support of fundraising events or Agency Kit Shops at significant discounts.

Items may also be drop-shipped to customers on behalf of fundraisers during pre-order fundraising campaigns.

·Public Event & Direct-to-Member Memorabilia Sales
911 Unity provides Blue Hats of Bravery©, Medics of Valour© and Red Hats of Courage© collectable figurines from Vanmark™.

911 Unity can also provide T-Shirts made especially for Police, Fire and EMS personnel and their families. T-Shirts can be personalized with your Agency name on the left front of the shirt to increase sales.

These items are not currently available on the site which helps increase event sales.

Items are sold direct to Agencies and Associations in support of fundraising events or Agency Kit Shops at significant discounts.

For more information please call 1-877-562-6501 or send us an email