Frequently Asked Questions




What does Omnes ad unum" mean?
Omnes ad unum is a Latin phrase that means "All Together As One," or Unity. This expression was selected by our founder to represent the bond present with all emergency services worldwide.

What do the letters "mm" stand for?
The letters "mm" stand for millimeters which is part of the metric measuring system. Six mm is approximately 1/4 inch. Our rings come in two widths: 6mm and 7mm.

Why are the two ring widths the same price?
The difference in price between the two widths is very small. Our founder decided not to charge an additional cost for the larger widths to ensure that the width selection is based on preference, not price. The different widths are created to suit the personal taste of each customer.

When can I expect my order?
Rings and pendants are made to order and must be engraved prior to being shipped. You should receive your order within 6 to 8 weeks of the order date. If the order is ready before, it will be shipped to you as soon as it is ready. Other items are usually kept in stock and will be shipped as soon as the order has been paid for.

Do you offer the jewelry in white gold, platinum or silver?
Yes, at the customer's request we can make the jewelry in white gold, platinum, silver or higher karat gold. Please contact us for details and pricing quote.

Can the ring be resized?
Yes. A ring can be made smaller or larger. However, due to the fired enamel on the ring, we recommend that resizing be done by us to maintain the lifetime warranty of the ring. The Durenamel® could crack or become dislodged during the ring resizing process. 911 Unity guarantees all resizing work.

How important is the ring finger size?
Very Important. In order for the ring to fit comfortably we recommend that you have your finger professionally sized. All sizing should be done with a wide-band metal ring sizer to avoid problems with your order.

What if I accidentally order the incorrect ring size?
We will happily resize your ring. The fee for resizing is $60 plus shipping, and is at the expense of the customer. The fee does not include engraving , shipping or applicable taxes.

Can my ring be engraved?
Yes. Each ring and pendant is engraved with the Latin phrase Omnes ad Unum, meaning "All Together as One," at no additional cost.

Additional engraving is also available, at a small cost, to personalize your ring or pendant. The number of characters that can be engraved are limited to to space constraints (for example a size 8 ring can accommodate approximately 10 characters - spaces included).

I have seen another company selling a similar ring. What is the difference?
911 Unity is the creator behind the Original Police Unity Line Ring™, which was designed in 1997.

911 Unity offers the only authentic Official Police Unity Line Ring that is globally recognized. members of the Law Enforcement Community around the world have embraced our ring as the Official Police Unity Line Ring.

You may see other companies offering "Official Police Unity Line Rings," however ours is the only ring that carries the Latin phrase "Omnes ad Unum" meaning "All Together as One," on the inside of each ring. You will know you have an authentic ring when you see the engraving on the inside of your ring.

Each 911 Unity Official Police Line Ring is numbered, registered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The lines in our rings encompasses the entire circumferenceof the ring. The design is integral in the meaning behind the ring: The Earth is round, the ring is round. The Thin Blue Band encircles the ring as it does the Earth, continuous and unbroken.

The off-centered line around the ring signifies the few serving the many. Be proud of who you are and appreciate that you are a member of an elite group of professionals.

It stands to identify its wearer  wherever they may go.

Global Recognition. What else needs to be said?